Dessert Pick: Lemon Bars

Citrus flavored dessert are very versatile for guests. They are sweet and sour, tangy and tart at the same time. Sometimes I wished I lived in California or Florida and had my own lemon or orange tree! Today, I picked Martha Stewart’s recipe for lemons bars to try. These are absolutely delicious and refreshing and ridiculously simple to make with just a hand mixer! Make these to share for your next dinner party. The beautiful lemon color makes for a great photo and summertime dessert centerpiece.

Caramel-Walnut Oatmeal Bars

Sometimes I just crave caramel. Here is a simple recipe to sate caramel craving while adding some nutritional value, oats :). These bars are absolutely delicious and will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth. The caramel just oozes through the bar and the extra nuts we added really give the bar the extra crunch to a really moist dessert. This recipe makes a nice size portion that can be cut into small pieces to share with your friends and neighbors (or not!).

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Goat Cheese-Caramel-Walnut Brownies

Listen up, bakers! This recipe is to die for, the brownies are superdense , not cakey like Duncan Hines. This recipe was completely thought out by Siddharth and it’s great. The brownies are gooey and the caramel gives the extra zing to the chocolate, although I must warn you, it will require some work and a lot of patience! The flavors are really well balanced, with the goat cheese cutting the sweetness, and the walnuts adding extra crunch. I wasn’t a huge brownie fan to begin with, but these brownies were enough to convert me!

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