Fresh Pick: BB Farms

BB Farms
1418 Dryden Rd (Rt 366)
Ithaca NY 14850

One benefit to living in Ithaca is the access to fresh locally grown produce in the summer. We are able to find fresh and delicious vegetables and fruits through the local farmers. While the Ithaca Farmers Market is very well known, a local gem that not as many people are aware of is BB Farms, located on the northeast edge of town across from NYSEG. They operate May to October, selling produce from several area farms. In May and June, they tend to sell more flowers (though they do have berries, potatoes, and other veggies), but by July they have some of the best melons, tomatoes, and peppers around. By August, they bring in their peaches, and these are ABSOLUTELY the BEST peaches we have ever had. EVER. Their prices are also unbeatable for most of their produce. . We went this past weekend, and we were lucky to find fresh snap peas, Ranier cherries, and green onions. I’m not exaggerating when I say the snap peas were the most tender and sweet we’ve ever had by a long shot.We highly recommend making a stop to check out their selection!